Your $5,000 To $500,000 Lifetime Membership In Our Innovative
      International Investment Payment Club Will Start Paying You,
       Beginning In Your 2nd. Membership Month,
   $70 To $7,000 Monthly For Life!

                                     I plan to create an off-shore corporaton in Panama in order to unshackle
    myself  from the not only outdated but also preposterous regulations, etc., of
    the NewYork SEC  (Security Exchange Commission) who continue to prolong
      their legacies of "having a 'blind' eye" whenever it involves the blatant and
     corrupted policies of the very notorious "Fat Cats Of Wall" and several other
   worldwide associated banks and institutions (such as the recent "slap-on-the-
  wrist '$1.9 billion fine' on HSBC" and others)  --- and will initiate several new
  ventures, primarily in foreclosed properties in the U.S. A. and later purchasing
   virgin lands with spectacular ocean views on both the Atlantic and Pacific
  coasts of Panama.

     I had initially started operating Glmroysic, Inc. and Byron Pierre in the
  U.S. a few years ago, however the SEC recently stepped in with outlandish
   accusations companies were presumed to be trading in securities, which was
    not only outlandish accusations but aggressively and exclusively depriving me
    of my human right to operate innovative investments clubs.

      About September of 2012, I finally received a letter fom the SEC stating
  the following:

  "The staff has completed its investigation in the above reference matter
       --- Re: Glmroysic, Inc. (NY- 8645) -- and does not intend to recommend
     that the Commission bring an enforcement against you or Glmroysic, Inc."

   Therefore, as I will be now be "free" from the shackles of the SEC and
   other "reservation-like restrictions," I will resume my God-given rights.

      Following are my projected investments:
                                1)  To purchase foreclosed 2/3-bed condos in Orlando, Florida (near Disney
      World) at average costs of $50,000 with market values of $75,000/$80,000
      and renting for monthly incomes, which per Orlando's market rental rate
       would be $1,200 to $1,600 monthly per apartment.

    2)  These condos will be refinanced after 2 years and the proceeds will be used
    to purchase more foreclosed condos for rental purposes.

      3)  Later, we will be investing also in condos and apartment buildings in
         Panama with oceanfront views and vast undeveloped lands also with
         spectacular oceanviews on both Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Panama.

                               Schedule Of Monthly Payments Per Membership Group:
                                                     Price Per        Monthly Payments You Will
        Lifetime          Begin Receiving In Your
          Groups:           2nd. Membership Month:       
                                                        $5,000     ----- $70     Monthly For Life!
       $6,000     ----- $84            "        "     "
         $7,000     ----- $98            "        "     "
         $8,000     ----- $112          "        "     "
         $9,000     ----- $126          "        "     "
       $10,000   ----- $140          "        "     "
         $20,000   ----- $280          "        "     "
          $30,000   ----- $420          "        "     "
         $40,000   ----- $560          "        "     "
          $50,000   ----- $700          "        "     "
        $60,000   ----- $840          "        "     "
          $70,000   ----- $980          "        "     "
         $80,000   ----- $1,120       "        "     "
       $90,000   ----- $1,260       "        "     "
           $100,000 ----- $1,400       "        "     "
                                                        $200,000 ----- $2,800       "        "     "
                                                        $300,000 ----- $4,200       "        "     "
                                                        $400,000 ----- $5,600       "        "     "
                                                        $500,000 ----- $7,000       "        "     "

                                 Membership dues $2! (Payable 1st.of every month)

         These above returns on your investments are ones most investors desire
         but almost never receive from the "Fat Cats Of Wall" --- except through
         some form of "insider-tradings".

          Therefore it would be to your own personal advantage now to join our
        unique lifetime memberships before all memberships are sold out!

           Opportunities such as our innovative lifetime memberships only comes
      once -- or twice, that is if you're lucky --- in a lifetime.

                   There are no other companies around that will offer you these fabulous returns on

your international membership investments such as ours and we are quite certain that no other
companies will ever attempt to.

                  With the kinds of monthly incomes you will be receiving for the rest of your life, within

just 1 and 1/2 year you will most likely be able to enjoy yearly vacations to exotic places such
as the following:

 Important Notices:
           a)  Your lifetime membership is a transferable asset that can be easily transfered to
                anyone else simply by returning your membership certificate to us, along with a
                signed notarized letter, indicating whose name and mailing address you wish to
                have the membership transfered to.
                Memberships can also be bequeated in a last will and testament.
          b)   We will ship your certificate and monthly checks internationally where allowed
                by U.S. laws.
          c)  Monthly membership dues are $2 monthly, payable 1st. of every month.

                 Money-Back Guaranteed After 12 Months!
              If you are not Completely Satisfied after 12 months for whatever reason, we'll promptly
    return your enrollment fee ----- no questions asked.

       We accept P.O. money orders, bank's money orders or bank's certified checks and
   American Express money orders.  (Sorry -- No Western Union).

    Send your orders with payments to:

                    Byron Pierre /  50-28  31st. Avenue / Dept. 4D / Woodside, N.Y. 11377

          Note:  Absolutely No Foot Traffic Allowed!  For appointments, email:

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           "Love thy neighbor as thyself"
      "Whatsoever you do unto the least of My brethren, you do unto Me".
                                               ----- Jesus Christ   

     "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not on your own understanding.
        With all your heart acknowledge Him and He will set your  path straight."
                ----- King Solomon      

      "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away."
                  ----- God
  4 Monthly Installment Payments Acceptable!
               We Will Accept 4 Monthly Installment Payments For All New
    Memberships Until All Memberships Are Sold!
        Example:  For A $5,000 Lifetime Membership We Will Accept
               4 Monthly Installment Payments Of $1,250 Each!
     (You will start receiving your monthly payments in your 2nd.
   membership month accordingly).

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