Your $2,500 To $500,000 Lifetime Membership
    In Our Innovative International Investment
                  Club Will Start Paying You,
    Beginning In Your 3rd. Membership Month,
   $58 To $11,600 Monthly For Life!

                                                             Had it with those mangy Fat Cats Of Wall with
                               their usual lousy "returns" on your investments when
                               all they are only touting their perpetual and quite
                               monotonous "Pump & Dump" garbage?

                                          Then just simply dump their usual crap and join
                               our innovative international lifetime investment club
                               where your $2,500 to $500,000 membership will start
                               paying you, beginning on the 1st. day of your 3rd.
                               membership month, $58 to $11,600 Monthly For The
                               Rest Of Your Life!

                                          My past Wall St. experiences beginning in the
                               middle 60s until the early 70s as a dividend specialist
                               clerk and what I discovered I could write an expose on
                               the b.s. that was and still is being touted in infamous
                               "Bull" market.

                                        Just look at the daily news where about every week
                               or so new "irregularities" are "discovered" by some
                               shady institution and quick court "settlements" are
                               selectively decided upon by the so-called "watch"
                               authorities with the results being the helpless investors
                               investors getting screwed!

                                        I say "basta ya, compay" (enough already, my
                               people) wake up and smell some genuine Colombian
                               coffee and tell those mangy Fat Cats Of Wall to take a
                               long midnight hike on a very short fence!

                                    At least as a lifetime member of our international and
                               innovative investment club, you'll be ascertain to begin
                               receiving decent monthly returns on hard-earned money
                               that you invest in our ventures which will be national
                               and international.

                                Following Are The Projected Investments That We Will
                             Be Completely Involved With Over The Years To Produce
                                    The Kinds Of Monthly Incomes That Will Be Paid
                                                To Our Future Lifetime Members
                        For The Rest Of Their Lives:                    
                               1)  To purchase foreclosed 2/3-bed condos in Orlando, Florida
                                          (near Disney World) at average $50,000 with market rates of
                                          $75,000 to $80,000 and then renting all for monthly incomes
                                          which per Orlando's market rental rate would be $1,500 to
                                          $1,700 monthly  per condo.

                                    2)   These condos will be refinanced after 2 years and proceeds will
                                          be used to purchase more foreclosed condos for rental purposes.

                                    3)   Later, we will be investing also in a few condos and small  
                                           apartment buildings in Panama and very large undeveloped
                                           lands spectacular ocean views on both Pacific and the Atlantic
                                           coasts of  Panama.

                               This is your greatest opportunity to secure extra monthly cash
                            incomes For The Rest Of Your Life!

                                   You and your loved ones deserve the Very Best In Life!

                                   So Don't Delay!  Join Up Right Now!

 Following Are The Schedule Of Monthly Payments:
                                     Membership    Beginning In 3rd.
Group:             Membership Month:                                                   
$2,500      ----  $58     Monthly For Life!  ($696    Yearly For Life! )
                                      $5,000      ----  $116         "        "     "     ($1,392      "       "     "   )
                                      $10,000    ----- $232         "        "     "     ($2,784      "       "     "   )
                                      $20,000    ----- $464         "        "     "     ($5,568      "       "     "   )
                                      $30,000    ----- $696         "        "     "     ($8,352      "       "     "   )
                                      $40,000    ----- $928         "        "     "     ($11,136    "       "     "   )
                                      $50,000    ----- $1,160       "        "     "     ($13,920   "       "     "   )
                                      $60,000    ----- $1,392       "        "     "     ($16,704   "       "     "   )
                                      $70,000    ----- $1,624       "        "     "     ($19,488   "       "     "   )
                                      $80,000    ----- $1,856       "        "     "     ($22,272   "       "     "   )
                                      $90,000    ----- $2,088       "        "     "     ($25,056   "       "     "   )
                                      $100,000  ----- $2,320       "        "     "     ($27,840   "       "     "   )
                                      $200,000  ----- $4,640       "        "     "     ($55,680   "       "     "   )
                                      $300,000  ----- $6,960       "        "     "     ($83,520   "       "     "   )
                                      $400,000  ----- $9,280       "        "     "     ($111,360 "       "     "   )
                                      $500,000  ----- $11,600     "        "     "     ($139,200 "       "    "               

                             Membership Dues: $2 Payable Monthly).  Memberships limited to 100.

              5 Monthly Installment Payments
         Will Be Accepted!             

                                    Yes, We Will Accept 5 Monthly Installment Payments For Your
                            Lifetime Memberships!

For Example:
                                  For a $2,500 membership, we will accept $500 monthly for 5 months
                            and you will still begin receiving your $58 monthly starting on the first
                           day of your 3rd. membership month while you then continue making your
                           monthly $500 installment payments!

Important Notice:
                           a)  Your lifetime membership is a transferable asset that can be easily
                                 transferred to anyone else simply by returning your membership
                                 certificate to us, along with a notarized letter, indicating whose
                                 name and mailing address you wish to have the lifetime member-
                                 ship transferred to.

                           b)  Memberships can also be bequeated in a last will and testament.

                           c)  Memberships can be purchased for your own children, etc. as long
                                as you prove that you are in fact their legal parents or guardians
                                until they reach their legal ages and you can transfer the member-
                                ship into their names.

                           d)  We will accordingly ship your certificate and your monthly checks
                                 internationally wherever  allowed by U.S. laws.

                           e)  Monthly membership dues are $2 monthly, payable on the first day
                                of every membership month.

                           f)  Don't let this Lifetime Monthly Income opportunity pass you and  
                                your entire family and relatives by.   

                                So, Hurry And Join Today!

            Enroll Right Now before all lifetime memberships are just about all Completely
    Sold Out!

Money-Back Guaranteed If You Are Not
Completely Satisfied After 1 & 1/2 Year!    
            If you're not Completely Satisfied after 1 and 1/2 year for any reason whatsoever,
    we will return your enrollment fee ---- no questions asked!

            We accept P.O. money orders, banks' money orders, banks' certified checks and
    American Express money order and Moneygram.
Sorry, Absolutely No Western Union).

            Send your membership applications with payments to:

                                                 Byron Pierre
                                                 50-28  31st. Avenue
                                                 Dept. 4D
                                                 Woodside, N.Y. 11377

            Note:  No Foot Traffic Allowed! For inquiries:

            There is no other company that will ever offer these great lifetime returns
    monthly such as the ones our innovative international lifetime membership investment
    club offers and we are certain that no other company ever will.

            With the kinds of monthly incomes you'll then be receiving, within just 1 and
    1/2 year you will most likely be able to enjoy yearly vacations to Great Exotic Places
    Places Such As The Following:

        Hurry!  Join Our Innovative International Investment Payment Club Right Now!

        (You'll Sleep Much Better Tonight When You Do).

      Send Payment With Order Today To:      Byron Pierre
                                                                         50-28  31st. Avenue
                                                                         Dept. 4D
New York 11377

                  "Love thy neighbor as thyself"
                  "Whatsoever you do unto the least of My brethren, you do unto Me".
                                                                                                          ----- Jesus Christ   

                  "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not on your own understanding.
                    In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will set your path straight".
                                                                                                           ----- King Solomon      

                 "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away".
                                                                                                                       ----- God
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